Using the

power of data

to serve africa

URIKA Insights delivers innovative and dependable research that gets to the heart of any business or social issue. Whether your goal is to improve customer satisfaction, bolster your brand, attract and retain high quality employees, or to develop better understanding into markets, consumers and societies; we are committed to helping you achieve your aspirations through our broad range of market, social and opinion research services.

Our makeup is unique. Not only do we combine robust research methodology with the latest technology in the consumer and market research industry, but also our team of researchers have an unequalled passion to provide clients with the strategic intelligence they need to succeed.

URIKA Insights understands the value of research and what it can do for your organisation. Our focus is not only on delivering quality research to our clients; it goes beyond that. We care about our clients achieving maximum returns on their investments in research, so we work with our clients, even after the research has been delivered, to integrate the findings into their operations and see their investments work for them.

We help leading companies like yours to have a better and nuanced understanding of consumers, markets and societies in Africa:

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